CBD and Sleep

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You have probably read that CBD is being used to enhance your exercise regime. However, CBD is a Jack of all trades. You might be surprised to learn that the cannabinoid can also help you obtain a restful night’s sleep. This might seem to be a contradiction, but please continue reading to learn more about CBD and sleep. 

Using CBD for Sleep

CBD and Sleep

Restful sleep is a commodity that 80 percent of all Americans lack. The fast-paced population is running on very few zzz each night. Sleep deprivation puts your body and mind at risk. In a recent report released by Consumer Reports, they found that 10 percent of CBD users turn to it as a valuable sleep aid. CBD positively affects the body’s endocannabinoid receptors which are in control of your hormones, sleep/wake cycle, pain perception, and immune system. The ability of CBD to interact with the body differs between individuals but there is a definite promise of helping your body gain restful sleep. 

How Does CBD Help You Sleep?

Let's explore how the many ways that CBD can help you sleep:

  •         Reduces Anxiety: Americans are stressed out with their careers, relationships, families, and finances. It appears that stress is truly at an all-time high for everyone. When your body is stressed, the hormone cortisol increases which disrupts non-REM sleep cycles. Research has shown that CBD has the ability to regulate cortisol
  •         Pain Relief: No one likes to toss and turn because of discomfort. If you can’t get comfortable or non-stop pain plagues you then there is no way to fall into a deep sleep. However, CBD does appear to show acceptable pain relief and works as an anti-inflammatory. Research is being conducted that shows CBD does conquer pain so you can get a more restful sleep. 
  •         Eases Side Effects of RBD: Everyone has nightmares sometimes, but there are many who have chronic nightmares such as those suffering from sleep behavior disorder (RBD). One study carried out appeared to show that CBD curbed the effects of RDA. 

The Dual Effects of CBD 

CBD appears to have an interesting effect on the human body. It has the power to regulate the sleep/wake cycles. The duality of the cannabinoid promotes wakefulness when you need it the most and relaxation for sleep. Many people choose to take CBD during the day to remain wakeful and at night to relax.

Does CBD Put You to Sleep?

CBD does not put you to sleep like some medications. Instead, it helps with a variety of physical things that might be preventing you from falling asleep. Its subtle approach helps calm the body. Many would also argue that it is a safer and more natural choice than prescription sleep medications which can be addictive and have their own bevy of side effects. 

If you are looking for a natural supplement that may help you gain slumber, then why not give CBD a try?  You can choose a CBD isolate (pure CBD) or a full-spectrum CBD product that reacts well to the body’s endocannabinoid system. Whether you choose oils, capsules, edibles, or even a topical to ease your body’s physical discomfort, CBD does hold the promise of restful sleep. 

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By Kimberly S

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