CBD Before and After a Workout

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Fitness enthusiasts are sitting up and taking notice of using cannabidiol (CBD) before and after a workout. CBD has plenty of purported health benefits so you might not realize that it has also become a must-have for anyone who exercises. Taking CBD before hitting the gym helps you recover faster after a hard bout of exercising due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD Oil and Working Out

Understanding Your Body After a Workout

Everyone feels the effects of an extreme workout. You might be sore for days. Working your muscles causes microscopic tears in the muscle fibers which also become inflamed. You feel sore and stiff. As the body works to repair the damage, the muscle becomes larger and stronger. It is a continuous cycle and is a part of getting into shape and growing valuable muscle. However, it doesn’t feel very good and often causes some people to start skipping exercise. 

What is CBD? 

CBD is found naturally in the cannabis/hemp plant. It is one of 100 plus compounds. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it causes no psychoactive effects. However, it does effectively bind with your endocannabinoid system to offer numerous health benefits.  You can legally buy CBD products at retailers and online. 

Using CBD Before a Workout

Many avid personal trainers, bodybuilders, and athletes swear that CBD is a natural way to fight muscle inflammation and joint pain post-workout. Studies abound that indicate that CBD does indeed reduce inflammation in the body and improve mobility. It appears to offer anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective qualities that cannot be overlooked. 

 How to Use CBD 

You can ingest CBD via capsules or tinctures prior to working out. Also, if you do start to experience muscle pain following exercise then there are many topicals such as balms that can be rubbed on the painful area. CBD is rapidly absorbed by the skin to reach the root of the problem and bring relief. 

Is CBD Safe to Use? 

CBD is considered safe to use. You should start out with a low dose and increase it as needed to bring relief. Everyone is different. A dosage that works well for one person might not be enough for another. Clearly size and body weight to do have some bearing on dosage.  Most experts recommend 1 to 6 milligrams per every 10 pounds of body weight. You can also increase your dose by 5 to 10mg if you need more to ease discomfort. Prior to starting any supplement, you should speak with your doctor, especially if you are currently taking prescription drugs. You do not want to have any trouble metabolizing the CBD or your other medications if they should clash. 

Using CBD for Recovery

You can use a CBD product such as a capsule or a pill prior to any workout. Typically, it is advised that you take CBD twice per day when orally ingesting it. If you start to feel pain and discomfort after exercising then rub on a lotion, ointment, or balm to let the CBD soak down into the skin. Within 24 hours, you will usually feel better and again be ready to again hit the gym.

The old saying made famous by fitness guru Jane Fonda, ‘no pain, no gain,’ has never been truer when it comes to getting your body in shape. You are going to have muscle and joint pain. That is how you know that you are achieving gains. However, you do not have to endure the discomfort. CBD is a viable option that many are turning too. 

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By Kimberly S

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