CBD Edibles; What you need to Know

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 Why should you eat CBD, how to do it properly, and tips for proper consumption habits.

Are you trying to learn everything you need to know about edible CBD without having to read a book?

You’ve come to the right place.

Here we’ll discuss a few of the advantages of consuming edible CBD products, how to choose the right products for you, and a few tips for optimizing the value of your consumption.

Advantages of Eating CBD


Have you heard all the recent stories about lung injuries and deaths occurring as a result of vaping?

In some instances, those casualties were suffered as a result of cannabis products.

However, you shouldn’t kowtow to the fearmongering.

Let’s keep the tragedies in perspective and remember that every day, 1,300 people will die from cigarettes, 241 die from alcohol, and—according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest—over 1,800 Americans die each day from factors associated with poor diet and regular inactivity.

The dangers of vaping shouldn’t be overlooked simply because they pale in comparison to the impact of other legal products, however.

If you’re trying to be as thoughtful as you can about eating CBD without being beholden to the fear of sensationalist news, edible CBD may provide the benefits for which you’re looking.

For example, benefits of eating CBD include:

  •       Avoiding the inhalation of burnt plant material
  •       Bypassing the consumption of vaporized cannabinoids
  •       A discreet method of consumption
  •       Easily scheduling CBD into your daily diet
  •       Long-lasting effects
  •       And more

Thoughtful Consumption of CBD Products

CBD oil in your diet

Reaping the benefits of CBD requires thoughtful consumption.

That extends into the realm of eating cannabidiol.

For example, knowing the other ingredients in your edible CBD products is integral to thoughtful consumption.

A 2016 paper published in the British Journal of Pharmacology, noted that CBD may play a role in helping people with diabetes.

The authors of the paper noted that CBD may “have therapeutic potential in diabetes and diabetic complications.”

However, if a CBD edible contains sugar, the impact may not be as beneficial due to the nature of the disease.

Moreover, a 2018 paper pointed out that sugar ingestion may negatively impact inflammation (a condition for which many people eat CBD).

The paper noted that pro-inflammatory markers vary minimally between the types of ingested sugar, so eating CBD without any sugar is likely the best way to receive its full range of benefits.

Tips for CBD Ingestion

If you’re looking for some quick tips on eating CBD, consider these pointers:

  •       Buy CBD from organic hemp
  •       Read the product testing information to be fully informed
  •       Consume sugar-free CBD edibles
  •       Take your first dose in the morning with breakfast, and consume again with snacks, lunch, or dinner to easily fit CBD into your diet

We hope this quick guide has helped you learn all you need to know about CBD edibles.

Please share this guide with your friends if you’ve found this information easy to swallow!

By Nicholas D. 

Professional Cannabis Writer and Content Creator

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